How To Determine My Skin Type

JLTC All Natural on 12th Jan 2017

How To Determine My Skin TypeSkin types include sensitive, dry, oily, normal. Some people also have a combination of skin types in different areas of their skin. Your skin type can also change o … read more

Body Butter Benefits...

JLTC All Natural on 11th Dec 2016

B.U.R.R…It’s Sunday! 31 degrees outside and snowing. I’m sitting behind the register looking out the window at the snow falling. I can’t believe we are rapidly approaching winter… What a wonderla … read more

Eczema Cream - The Natural Alternative

JLTC All Natural on 4th Dec 2016

So, I must say congratulations is in order because I am a virgin to the world of blogs and I finally crossed off this major task on my to do list. Blogging…I was hesitant to start writing blogs be … read more