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 JLTC ALL NATURAL SKIN CARE     -     96-09 72nd Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375

SHOP HOURS: Sunday: 12noon – 6pm *  Monday: CLOSED * Tuesday - Thursday: 10am – 7pm * Friday - Saturday: 10am – 8pm 

SERVICE HOURS: Sunday: 11am – 8pm   *   Monday: by appointment only   *   Tuesday - Saturday: 9am – 10pm 




CONSULTATION (15m) $25.00

This basic consultation is designed to discuss your skin concerns, QNA, and determine the correct treatment and or product selection for you.


 *SKIN ANALYSIS (45m) $100.00

WHAT IS IT: This JLTC Exclusive consultation includes a basic cleanse, an in-depth analysis of the skin utilizing several modalities including the mag lamp, woods lamp, moisture scan, skin test, product ingredient check., a start-up chart, follow-up with product/ nutrition recommendations and proper home care regimen.

[we also perform remote consultations – ask an associate or send an email request to INFO@JLTC.CO]




$95.00 college students / $50.00 k-12 students

 WHAT IS IT: This student facial is designed to target skin concerns. 

Must show VALID STUDENT ID (or proof of active enrollment)




This ultra-detoxifying treatment is designed to nestle the face and neck in a warm, purifying and nourishing cocoon that will leave the skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and silky smooth.

This treatment utilizes ultrasonic lifting to help plump and smooth the skin. Includes hand mitt treatment, neck, shoulder, and decollete massage.


This quick, time saving, hydrating facial is designed to promote healthy, rejuvenating skin in less time and allows you to customize your treatment with our exclusive add on services (excludes steam, massage and extractions).   (P5+1 FREE)

Add on: Aromatherapy $5.00

Add on: Steam $10.00

Add on: Minimal Extractions $10.00

Add on: High Frequency $10.00

Add on: Hand Mitt Treatment $10.00

Add on: Massage $15.00

Add on: Enzyme or Dermafoliant $15.00

Add on: LED Light Therapy $20.00


This customized, client specific facial focuses on your skin’s unique needs and goals at the time of your visit. Includes hand treatment, skin analysis, massage, and extractions as needed.


We offer various facial protocols including: anti-aging, brightening, deep pore cleansing, paraffin, modeling, algae, detox, high-frequency, galvanic, enzyme (non-chemical) peels, collagen, acne, rosacea, redness relief, micro-ultrasonic exfoliation, LED light therapy, and manual microdermabrasion.

***ask about our MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM


Add on: Decollate $75.00

Add on: Collagen Eye or Lip Treatment $20.00

Add on: Vitamin C Eye or Lip Treatment $15.00


This treatment provides the application of specific wavelengths of light to skin cells to obtain therapeutic benefits.


Research has shown that LED is an effective modality to increase fibroblast (collagen production), decrease inflammation in cells, kill acne bacteria, and increase circulation. Great treatment for skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and pigmentation **recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)



This introductory “super express” seated facial is designed for first time clients interested in the JLTC Experience and our line of natural products as well as the super busy people on the go (excludes extractions). **recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)



*COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY (CIT) STANDARD (30m) $150.00 DELUXE (60 min) $295.00 PREMIUM (90 min) $516.25


WHAT IS IT: Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), also known as micro-needling, is a minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment, ideal for all skin types, that creates controlled micro-perforations which lead to fibroblast production and enhances the absorption of nutrient to the skin.

BENEFITS INCLUDE: Designed to improve skin laxity, post acne scarring, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as scars on the face and body. 

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments for optimal results (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 



treatment activates collagen. This treatment repairs and rebuilds collagen and elastin, which reduces wrinkles and brings your glow back! The combo of LED light therapy, RF skin tightening, our ingredients, and treatments, diminish lines and wrinkles and reduce inflammation and redness. A series is required to obtain optimal results. This facial can be performed once a week *recommended in a series of 6 treatments for optimal results (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 


*RF- RADIO FREQUENCY FACIAL (Natural Face Firming) (75m) $175.00

WHAT IS IT: Facial rejuvenation treatment that re-aligns the collagen beneath the skin for a more youthful appearance.

BENEFITS INCLUDE: Based on high-frequency radio waves that heat up the dermis and the collagen fibers of the skin, giving the face’s skin a tighter look.

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  


 *MICRO-CURRENT FACIAL (Anti-Gravity Face Lift) (75m) $175.00


WHAT IS IT: Rejuvenating treatment that uses mild, electrical currents to cause muscles to contract and relax, which strengthens them.

BENEFITS INCLUDE: Emits low electric current to re-educate facial muscles as it increases collagen and elastin production and boost the firming and lifting of the skin. Contraindication: pregnant women, clients living with a pacemaker

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  


 *CHEMICAL PEEL ONLY – FACE (30m) $75.00

WHAT IS IT: Lactic Acid, Mandelic, Glycolic, Salicylic Acid, Jessner Peel (+50)**

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  


*INTENSIVE EYE LIFT – with photo light therapy (30m) $75.00

WHAT IS IT: An intensive treatment to relieve signs of fatigue, puffiness, tension and crow’s feet from the eye area. Micro currents will lift sagging skin [includes massage on frontal and temporal areas]

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)



*FACE MASSAGE – (10m) $25.00     -     (15m) $35.00     -     (20m) $45.00

WHAT IS IT: A relaxing massage that increases lymph flow and reduces inflammation followed by an herbal hydrating mask.  It provides an immediate, visible anti-aging effect and dewy complexion.

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  


*BACK, NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE – (10m) $30.00  -  (15m) $40.00  -  (20m) $50.00  -  (60m) $120.00

WHAT IS IT: A relaxing massage with aromatherapy which aids to increase lymph flow and reduce inflammation. 

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  


*HAND TREATMENT (30m) Hydrating $35.00 Paraffin $45.00

WHAT IS IT: A customized hydrating and revitalizing or paraffin treatment aiding in enhanced blood flow, and relaxation of sore, stiff muscles. Add on our Callous remover treatment $15.00

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


                         *FOOT TREATMENT (30m) Hydrating $45.00   Detoxifying $70.00

WHAT IS IT: A customized detoxifying or hydrating and revitalizing treatment aiding in removing toxins, increasing blood flow, and relaxing sore, stiff muscles.   Add on our Callous remover treatment $15.00

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)




WHAT IS IT: An important inclusion to your skin care regimen targeting hard to reach spots & treating various skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin.

***ask about our MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  


*THE DIVA VAJACIAL (60m) $175.00

WHAT IS IT: A facial for the Vagina designed to prep and pamper your skin in between waxes, helping to detoxify, eliminate ingrown hairs, clogged follicles, & razor bumps

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  


*BUM [booty] FACIAL (45m) $90.00

WHAT IS IT: A facial for the butt designed to prep and pamper your skin and rid your booty of acne, scars, and bumps.

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


*JLTC BODY SCRUB (30m) $115.00

WHAT IS IT: A body exfoliation designed to smooth away dulling surface debris while restoring vital nutrients to tired skin. This exfoliating body scrub treatment helps smooth and revitalize the skin while relaxing stressed muscles. The Butt Exfoliation is the perfect compliment to our body scrub.

ADD ON: Butt Exfoliation $30.00

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


*BACK UP AND FACE ME (120m) $260.00

WHAT IS IT: [Back & Face facial] When you need that much needed attention for your face and your back at the same time. JLTC Experience Client Specific Facial + JLTC Purifying and Resurfacing Back Facial


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


*BOOST BOTTOM (75m) $230.00

WHAT IS IT: [Back & Butt Facial] When further down south is just a few strokes away JLTC Purifying and Resurfacing Back Facial + Bum (Butt) Facial




Lipo 360 Waist Contouring Treatment (60m) $230.00

Lipo 360 is a non-invasive treatment performed by process of cavitation paired with radio frequency, lymphatic drainage and compression for maximum results (includes abdomen, flanks, and back). 60 mins 

Contraindication: pregnant women, clients living with a pacemaker

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> V <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


*LIPOLYSIS CAVITATION – [per area] with RF skin tightening (50m) $125.00

*LIPOLYSIS CAVITATION – [per area] (30m) $80.00

*RF SKIN TIGHTENING     – [per area] (30m) $80.00

WHAT IS IT: Using leading edge technology designed to reshape & sculpt the body by removing localized stubborn fat or cellulite. While results are instant, they will vary. Lipolysis Cavitation is not a method of weight loss.  *consultation required

**recommended in a series of 6 or 12 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



WHAT IS IT: This non-sweating, compression body contouring wrap is results driven. How do you know if this treatment is right for you?

SHORT TERM RESULTS: Do you have an event to attend, a wedding, or just have a hot date next week and need to fit into that dress? Well this is for you.

LONG TERM RESULTS: If you are ready invest in changing your eating habits, exercise routine, and want your body to change more rapidly with you then make your appointment today and see how we can help you level up.

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


*JLTC DETOX BODY WRAP (60m) $130.00

WHAT IS IT: This body wrap is designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. It also helps boost the lymphatic system and metabolism inch-loss and softens the skin. The Butt Exfoliation is the perfect complement to our detox body wrap treatment.

ADD ON: Butt Exfoliation $30.00

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


 *CHEMICAL PEEL ONLY - BACK (30m) $125.00

WHAT IS IT: Lactic Acid, Mandelic, Glycolic, Salicylic Acid, Jessner Peel (+50)**

**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  V  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


*ELECTROCAUTERY - SKIN TAG / SPOT REMOVAL $60.00 per tag/spot removal

Remove skin tag, age spots, moles, warts, freckles. etc.

**consultation required price will vary depending on level of treatment needed



see list on scheduling page



Strip Lashes $22.00

Faux Mink Strip Lashes $35.00

Individual Lashes $50.00

Lash Refill $20.00

Lash Removal $10.00

Keratin Eye Lash Lift $125.00

Mink Lashes Coming Soon!

Eyelash Extension Coming Soon! 



Our gift certificates make the perfect gift for any occasion. 

They are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and must be presented prior to your service.   


Inquire about our MOBILE SERVICES and pricing.

We bring luxurious spa treatments to the comfort of your home, hotel, office, or special event.



Face $75+  /  Back $125.00+


Lactic Acid (AHA) - Gentle and great first peel for all skin types. Ideal for uneven skin tones and general hyper pigmentation. CA/milk allergies


Mandelic Acid (AHA) - Gentle acid exfoliates skin with very little topical discomfort.   Excellent for inhibiting the formation of brown spots and hyper pigmentation. Improves acne, melasma (skin discoloration), sun damage, blackheads, wrinkles, dull skin. CA/nut allergies


Glycolic Acid (AHA) -A bit more aggressive than lactic acids, good for normal-oily skin types to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, and address acne + scarring, wrinkles and fine lines.


Salicylic Acid (BHA) - Perfect for Oily / Acne prone (cystic acne) that needs deep pore cleansing and loosening of blackheads. CA/aspirin


Jessner Peel (+$50)** (AHA+BHA) - reduces the appearance of dark patches, treats melasma (skin discoloration), hyper pigmentation and acne scars


**recommended in a series of 6 treatments (P5+1 FREE)





  • Appointments: We encourage you to schedule directly online and select services/ schedule. Alternatively, you may call out office at 347.561.6896
  • Arrival: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your service to complete the intake form and consultation.  Arriving late will reduce the amount of time you are in the treatment room.
  • Late Arrival: If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may have to reschedule your appointment, receive a shortened treatment or be placed on our standby list for an available slot later in the day if available. 
  • Deposit: A credit card is required at time of scheduling to hold your appointment
  • Cancellations: To cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call us at 347-561-6896 AT LEAST forty-eight (48) hours in advance to avoid a $50.00 NON-refundable service fee.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All cancellations MUST be made by phone 1-347-561-6896
  • Since we turn away other clients to hold your reservation, any cancellations, reschedules, etc. with less than forty-eight (48) hours’ notice, or no show on the day of appointment will result in a non-refundable / non-transferable $50.00 service charge.





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