Eczema Cream - The Natural Alternative

JLTC All Natural on 4th Dec 2016

So, I must say congratulations is in order because I am a virgin to the world of blogs and I finally crossed off this major task on my to do list. Blogging…

I was hesitant to start writing blogs because I had no idea what I should write about. I spoke to one of my best friends today who told me to be myself and just share my experiences. But I have so many, I don’t know where to start – so I guess the beginning.


When my son was young he was diagnosed with Eczema. As a parent, we want the best for our children and for them to be pain free. My son would itch and scratch until he bled sometimes. He would even break out in the crease of his arm, behind his knee, on his back and countless other places. It seemed like there was no resolve.

Treating Eczema

To treat his eczema, his doctor would prescribe all these prescription medications containing water, steroids, chemicals, alcohol, and the list goes on. They all worked initially, but would “wear off” or have some adverse effect. We tailored my sons eating habits, changed our cleaning and bathing products, took him to specialists, signed him up for case studies and trials and to no avail. In the long run NOTHING worked.


So, imagine my frustration as a parent (for some of you a loved one, or even yourself) knowing you did all could to help, and still it was not good enough.

I began reading and researching Eczema because I was not educated on the topic. I just took the word of my sons’ doctor as gospel – he was the professional.

Defining Eczema

The exact cause of Eczema is unknown but is thought to be linked to an overactive response by the body’s immune system to an irritant. Webster’s dictionary defines Eczema as an inflammatory condition of the skin characterized by redness, itching, and oozing vesicular lesions which become scaly, crusted, or hardened.

But what it doesn’t tell you is what to do when your child is crying all night because he can’t sleep or how to treat the adverse reaction he got from that topical (chemical) prescription the doctor said he had to use.

Enough Is Enough

I decided I had enough. I needed to find a healthy, more effective alternative to treating my sons’ eczema than the current one. I went to the library and researched carrier oils, essential oils, clays, waxes, and a ton of other ingredients. I became knowledgeable in what each ingredient did, how it benefited the body and the expected outcome. I was diligent in my search to find the answers to the questions I was seeking.

While creating the eczema cream, it became evident that I developed the key ingredients to a perfectly blended and moisturizing body butter (that’s a different story).

The Alternative

Three tries later our “All Natural Eczema Cream” was born – alcohol, chemical and irritant free. Not only did it reduce inflammation and stop my sons’ itching, but it was moisturizing, long lasting with natural emollients, reduced flare-ups, and soothed my sons’ dry skin. I began to record the results on a regular basis to be sure of its effectiveness.

The Remedy

To test my theory even further, I gave samples to friends, and family who had dry, itchy skin, eczema or some form of irritated skin associated with dryness. The reviews were astounding and I was congratulated and told I should sell my creation. Initially, I declined.

Today, I try to educate those who are unaware or uninformed of the existence of eczema and give out free samples for our customers to try during their visit.