JLTC... Current Situation

JLTC All Natural on 1st Dec 2016


Who in the heck is that? What exactly does it mean? Where do they even fit in in my world? I am sure these are some of the questions you may be asking yourself. Right? Well, let me help you out.

My name is Lakeisha Ward, Co-owner of JLTC All Natural Skin and Hair Care. JLTC is the acronym for Joseph and Lakeisha’s Trezure Chest (yes, I know… treasure was taken when we went for licensing). You will meet the other half of JLTC as we get more acquainted. Since everyone has a back story… I won’t bother to bore you with mine. Instead, I will give you the run down on how we came to be who we are today – in reverse.

I must bathe you in the boring details of our beginning before I can give you the juicy scoop on everything natural that consumes our world today - and by our, I mean my. If you are patient and willing to take this journey with me, I am confident we will share, debate, compile, explore and learn a lot from one another along the way!

So, grab your cup of tea (half a cup is all you will need to get through this one), a comfy seat and an open eye.

We finally opened our Flagship Store in Forest Hills, Queens on October 17, 2016. A long journey, but well worth the trip on the winding road to brickdom – and when I say brickdom I mean brick and mortar. We slaved day and night to set the right tone for the store – a reflection of JLTC in its rarest form, so to speak. A wide variety of natural gems await you. Nature is limitless and our bodies are priceless!! So, nourishing and nurturing it are our two main goals here at JLTC.

Our two years spent at Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream, New York helped us to prepare for the journey that lay ahead. Our customer base grew via word of mouth and continues to grow every day.

A small cart on the second floor by the food court proved helpful to many individuals under informed, clueless, or just plain lost in the chemical world. The goal was to first and foremost provide you with valid, truths about living, breathing and being “All Natural”. Because let’s face it, what natural means to me may not be that for you, but the universal language remains the same. We all want to live in our bodies healthy and strong, for as-long as we draw breath. Right? Yes!

Countless weekends were and still are spent setting up and breaking down at Craft Fairs and Expos within the five boroughs and beyond. The goal here was and is to bring about brand awareness, inform the general public, and interact with our peers “all things natural”. It is not enough to just make a product and toss it to the world to devour. It must be achieved with great insight, cultivated, and strategically introduced to you the consumer. The product must be made with each individual consumer in mind (collectively – if that makes any sense) and consider a plethora of variants from personal preference of smell to skin type. After all, your voice is the one that is heard the loudest when it comes to what you put in and on your skin.